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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Loldia Primary School Trust:

Minutes of inaugural meeting held at the school on Tuesday Nov 18th at 3.00pm


Kennedy Kariuki: Headteacher Loldia Primary School

Joan Dickie: Schools Inspector and Trusts for African Schools representative

Michael Mbugua: Senior teacher Loldia School

DianaLow : Director Maradji Farm

Caroline Andisi: Loldia Farm Administrator

The meeting opened and all present introduced themselves.

JD explained that the meeting had been called to agree to establish the Loldia  Primary School Trust.

She led a discussion of the trust deed downloaded from the Trusts for African Schools website and those present agreed to be named as trustees.  They duly signed the deed.

Those present then voted Kennedy Kariuki as Chair of Trustees and Joan Dickie as Secretary and Treasurer.

Those present agreed that JD would be delegated to open a bank account with CFC Stanbic Bank Naivasha.  The three signatories would be Joan Dickie, Caroline Andisi and Michael Mbugua and any two must sign every cheque.

JD, MMb and CA agreed to go the bank with their ID to set up the account.

TAS systems of funding were explained and proposal forms were discussed.  It was agreed that the first proposal would be for 6 teachers salaries for 2015.

Once the bank account is opened a leaflet will be produced by TAS in UK and information about the new Loldia Primary School Trust will appear on the TAS website.  JD will work with Gill Marshall-Andrews Secretary of TAS in UK to prepare the text for this.

The date of the next meeting of trustees was agreed as

January 20th: 3pm at Loldia School. The agenda would include:

a.       JD : further documentation  on TAS procedures for preparing and approving projects

b.      KK: a list of projects for TAS to consider for 2015.

The meeting closed at 4.30pm.