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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




Notes of a supplementary meeting on 16 January 2015:

Gordon Strevens,  Karanja,  Gill Marshall-Andrews

The meeting was to discuss the tender for the 3 classrooms being funded by TAS.

Three verbal quotes had been received :  9.8, per classroom.  A further verbal quote of 2 m was given by a contractor Gordon bought to the school.

Only one of these contractors is open to negotiation.

The sum indicated by the MP Hon Methenge who is a builder by trade was 2.5m.  It was agreed that Karanja will try and negotiate down to this figure and when /if successful he will give the written tender to Gordon who will forward a proposal to TAS.  Hopefully by mid Feb in time for the next TAS meeting.

There was a discussion about the government’s laptop computer programme.  Eburru is in the first tranche of this programme because it has a suitable building.  What is likely to be needed to make the programme a success is an IT technician.  The principal will prepare a proposal for funding this position.

There was a discussion about the blackboards that have been newly painted.  Some of them don’t work and need repainting.  Gordon gave the principal 3000/- to buy new paint in time for school opening on Monday. Gordon promised to re-imburse himself this amount from the trust account.

The teacher situation is still dire.  TSC do not have the teachers available but when they do they will be allocated to Eburru.  The parents will fund 10 teachers, paying them 5,600/- per month. 

Meeting ended at 2.30pm.