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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Headteacher   Lilian

IT teacher   Anderson

TAS representative teacher – Luke

KWS / TAS  co-ordinator  Stephen Kameti

TAS Secretary  - Gill Marshall-Andrews

School update:

Numbers on roll are as follows:  boys/girls

Form 1                      2                     3                 4

27/25                    28/22            26/24          26/15

Exam target for upcoming KCSE  is a mean score of 5.1

This is ambitious.  The 2013 mean score was 3.4 -  a poor result.

There are 11 TSC teachers with one more to come – for Physics and Chemistry.

Parents pay for 4 teachers at 10,000 Kes per month.


The borehole is still serving the school, the kitchen  and the dormitories.

There was a discussion about growing vegetables and Lilian said that the water was too hard.  Stephen said he might be able to advise on this and the school should invite him in.

Display board

The display board was in place with a few notices put up.  There was a discussion about the purpose of the board ie to inform students, staff, parents and the community about the school,  its staff,  students, funding,  achievements, challenges,  plans and targets. 

There are three sides of the board and one is available for KWS information.


There are 25 computers all working but with no internet connection.

The future for the Madogo Secondary School Trust

The trust has been going now with support from TAS for 5 years and Gill explained that it was time for TAS to withdraw.

There has been little enthusiasm or commitment shown by the school to deliver on its promises.  Nor has there been any kind of regular communication with Harriet or with TAS in UK.

There is still interest from Peter Edmead  and Gemma but their emails have met with no response.  The newsletter that was promised 4 years ago has never materialised.  Harriet wishes to stand down as secretary so it was agreed that Gill will speak to Sam about finding another local secretary for the trust.  If one can be found the trust should continue to provide a local and international platform for fund raising.

After an extended discussion it was agreed that a meeting will be held in January when Gill is next out and if the school can make a case for one last year of support that will be considered.  There may be funding for the science lab refurbishment if the staff can show real commitment and an interest in improving the school but the bar will be set high for this and nothing should be taken for granted.