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Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Headteacher  Abdul  Hussan,

Chair of Governors, Ibrahim Hussein

Youth Representative   -Mohamed Abdullah Ahmed

Mother’s representative

Stephen Kameti TAS / KWS co-ordinator

Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS secretary

School update:

The school now has a mothers’ committee consisting of 2 mothers elected from each class.  Their role is to advise other mothers about girl child education and other matters.  They are keen on the girls dormitory.

The screen has not yet been erected as a contractor pulled out.  Now they are working with a woman contractor.  The screen will have to be longer to accommodate an outside space for the girls to relax in the evenings.

The results of the mock KCPE exams were good.  Boka was the second  out of 35 in the  Tana North district – excluding private schools. Top child got 340 marks.  15 entries including 4 girls.  Everyone delighted.

School has 5 TSC teachers including the HT.  Parents have paid for 1 and TAS has paid for 2.  County Govt now pays for nursery teachers who are called ‘caretakers’ because of a dispute with the national govt and the unions.

Student numbers are as follows: boys/girls

Nursery      1           2                3              4            5            6            7            8   

41/27      36/28     24/25   20/16    23/14     16/14     19/8        20/10      11/4

The educational trip was a great success.  Class 8 plus 2 high performers from lower down the school.  The experience widened horizons.  They saw young children in nursery which surprised them.  They will apply for funding for 2 trips per year in future.

Sanitary pads are supposed to be provided by the govt but not yet received.

There is a new mast being built which will greatly improve communication.

The MP Ali Wario has promised the CDF will build a new administration block.

IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature from Australia has put up 4 water tanks at 10,000 litres each.  Also some gutters but they are too small so when it rains heavily the water flows over the gutters. (NB Stephen and I saw a remedy for this which he will pass on to the school)

Water is brought by donkey cart from the well.  The school now has 1 toilet and two washrooms for girls.  No washroom for boys although MTAP  (Medium Term Asal Programme) have a contract to build some.

Water Resource Utilisation WRU is considering pumping water from the well to the village and school.

The library now has the TV with some solar panels.  There are 20 elect socket and the walls have been sealed so the building is now suitable for computers when the govt laptop scheme comes in.

Teacher training for IT programme is due to start soon.

Lots of trees have been planted and are mostly alive.

Proposals coming in:

Shade bandas, books for library, Kitchen, 1 teacher


GMA   Wait for proposals

HT   Screen contract,  new proposals,  follow up on sanitary pads,  follow up on bursaries for poor students,  send message that school is ready for laptop programme.

Stephen Kameti   support preparation of proposals,  investigate guttering

Laptop for HT  It was agreed that the laptop brought out by Gill for HT will be handed over when  10 girls are enrolled as boarders!

Next meeting in January 2015.