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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Hussain ( Chair of BOG), Rosaniah ( TAS liaison teacher), Halima ( teacher on TAS committee) Robert Maina  ( Principal) Stephen Kameti KWS/TAS co-rdinator, Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS secretary.

The KWS Garissa warden arrived towards the end of the meeting.

Library fraud

This was discussed at length.  Gill and Stephen have spent a day with the Banking Fraud Investigation Unit of the Central Bank sifting through emails and making statements.  They have also sat with Caroline Makena at Chase Bank who also received a false email.  Kim has also been to the investigating officer with her computer as she has received fraudulent emails.

The library has progressed to window level.  Pictures were presented.  The contractor has received 300,000 Kes but the value of his work to date is 600,000Kes.  Gill agreed to discuss the matter with TAS trustees with a view to sending a further 300,000Kes to enable the contractor to pay his suppliers and workers.


The school has 65 computers but no IT teacher.  The last time they advertised there were no applicants.  TAS pays for overtime for the IT technician but he is not able to meet the needs.  School will pursue recruitment of a suitable teacher.

New school

All county schools are now to become single sex.  There is a new girls school in Mororo a few kilometres away.  This will inevitably lead to Madogo becoming a boys school.  In fact this is reflected in the Class 1 enrollment which is 125 of whom only 30 are girls.

Unpaid fees

The level of unpaid fees has become a tremendous problem for the school. Students may not be excluded for non-payment and now leavers certificates may not be withheld until arrears have been paid.  There is now no real sanction for those who do not pay.

Land grabbing

Squatters continue to encroach onto school land.  TAS paid for a surveyor to delineate the land and there are beacons in place but they are small.  The school wants to erect pillars along the boundary line.  The matter will be discussed with the MP.


Catch –up programme

The school held a very successful residential catch-up programme for Forms 3 and 4 in April. This was funded by TAS.  The school would like to do more of this next year.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be in January 2015 by which time it is hoped that the library will be completed.