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New books for Kaseluni Primary School
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Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Mohamed Abdullah Ahmed- Youth Representative Captain Kenneth Ochieng Ibrahim Hussein Edow- TAS member Komora Dhadho Garise Madogo Education Offivcer Chief Bukaloc Mohamed Yatane- Chief Boka Amina Madero- TAS Member Mohamed Hassan Head Master Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS secretary Stephen Kameti- TAS and KWS Tony Fitzjohn- Trustee


On 13 January we had an Asako Trust meeting with Sarah et al and as Tony Fitzjohn was coming up from TZ for that we thought it would be good to gather the Boka people there too.  So they came up for an informal meeting - not a trust meeting as the secretary wasnt there.  We hope they will come up again early Fe.b for a formal trust meeting  Stephen has this in hand.
These are some notes of the meeting on 13th.
The exam results for the last 2 years are:
2012  mean score 239  5 boys
2013  mean score 213  4 boys and 2 girls
So... a drop.  This is explained by the fact that last year 2 of the candidates were very weak scoring 160 and 167 .  This bought the mean down and is understandable.  
The headteacher was optimistic about 2014 - 11 boys and 4 girls should sit the exam.
The proposals being prepared for 30th are:
Bunk beds, solar for library, completion of library (with Nation money), revision books and DVDs, Education visit and one teacher for 2014.
The head also has requested a laptop which I will try and bring next time.
The new Senior Warden of Meru and Kora, Kenneth Ochieng was present and seemed very positive about KWS involvement in the school and the conservation message.  He and the AD Eastern Region George Osiri have agreed to visits to Kora NP on a termly basisnand visits by warden to school with DVDs and conservation message on a termly basis.  We will see how this pans out!