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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Madogo Secondary School Trust Meeting

May 31, 2013, A.F. Gross’s Office, Nairobi

In attendance:

Peter Ngang’a (PN)

Lainie Reisman (LR)

Rosaniah Gwiyo (RG)

Hussein Waju (HW)

Gabriel Makevo (GM)

Regrets – Halima sent regrets, as she is caring for a sick family member.Stephen was called away at urgent business in Asako.Abas Kunya was travelling to the meeting in a private vehicle that broke down and was stranded overnight on the side of the road and did not make the meeting.

Agenda Issues

Camara Lab – It was explained that the lab is up and running and the power issue has been resolved.However, there are still challenges in hooking up all 10 computers to the internet as only two can work.At the last meeting the group requested Stephen to discuss with Camara but this does not seem to have been done

AP: Stephen to discuss with Camara ASAP

Pending Completion Reports – The following two completion reports were received:

1.  Stools - K105,000

2.  Gladys scholarship - K38,000

Still pending are the following:

1.  IT Technician and TVs/DVDs - K178,000

2  IT Technician - K63,000

3.  Bursaries - K120,000

4.  Internet Costs - K144,000 (this will be submitted after a provider is determined).

5.  Camara Program (written report with pictures, no receipts required)

AP:Rose to prepare and send all completion reports ASAP

Fencing - Madogo has been working with KWS to obtain quotes for the fencing.KWS, which had initially suggested they could cover some costs, is no longer able to do so but willing to supervise the construction.The Board reviewed the documentation indicating the school contribution of K204,330 to the project.The Board also reviewed the three bids submitted and selected Nyoike based on price, experience, and reliability.The quote is K710,000.

AP:      LR to submit proposal to TAS

            PN to figure out payment terms with KWS and Nyoike

External Fencing/Survey-   The surveyor managed to identify 3 out of the 4 points but due to safety concerns is no longer coming to the site.  The new Deputy Head, Mr. Gabriel Makevo, will contact the surveyor to figure out costs incurred to date and monies owed. 

AP:GM to contact surveyor and report back


 New Proposal – Room for Matron -  The school is facing an issue in attracting a matron for the girls dormitory as there is no room available.  A matron is critically important as there are multiple accounts of girls “sneaking” out in the evenings.  The MSST Board agreed this would be an important project and likely cost in the range of K100,000.  It was agreed that Madogo would prepare a project proposal and obtain 3 quotes for the work to be submitted to TAS.

Other Business

Lainie said her farewells noting this was her last MSST Board meeting and that a replacement was being sought.She noted that she is still available on internet to help out with any remaining issues and will be in Nairobi until the end of June, and then a few days in late August.

Peter suggested that the Chair should be the Office of the Principal (rather than Peter himself) as he might be moving on in the near future. 

The meeting was closed with a prayer at 11:30am.