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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



   Minutes of a meeting on 7 November 2007 of the committee established to set up the Kimphe Langano School Trust (KLST).
  At Bishangari Lodge  
  Present: - Willam Jones …………… Journeys by design and TAS trustee
  -         Tariku Gebre …………….. Secretary (KLST)
  -         Taswe Bekele ……………. Oromia Education bureau
                                            (Head of Planning and Research)
  -         Abrham Bebramikael….. Bishangari Loge Manager
  -         Gebre Bashenu………….. Kimphe langano School (staff)
  -         Jemal Guru……………………….   “       “       “      (Head Teacher)
  -         Kedir Latamo……………… PTA (KLST-Chairman)
  -         Abu Kawo ……………Community Chairman (KLST-Treasurer)
  -         Aman Usi……………………. Ex-Student
  Apologies:  Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS trustee
1.    Welcome: William Jones was delighted to well come Mr. Tasew Bekele from Oromia Educational bureau head research and planning. Also welcomed was Mr. Abrham G.Michael Bishangari Lodge manager.
2.    Formation of trust
  -         W. Jones opened the meeting with welcoming all participants and told the participants the purpose of forming local trust, the aim of TAS to form local African school trusts, the responsibility of trustees and TAS.
     The formation of the local trust is being handled by Addisu Ydnekatchew a lawyer employed by TAS for the purpose.
3.    Appointment of officers   
  -         The following were nominated and agreed unanimously.
  -         Chairman of the local trust - Kedir Latamo
  -         Secretary of the local trust - Tariku Gebre
  -         Treasurer of the local trust – Abu Kawo
4.    Position of L'Esperance and management of the school 
  -         *  Since teachers in the school are not yet paid two months salary, Mr Tasew Bekele was appointed to solve problem if possible and inform the trustees the progress of discussion he make with lesperance organization administrators, woreda administrations and zonal administration.
  -         *  Also Mr. Tasew Bekele stated as woreda must follow the case of salary and solve problem and also at the same time he said lesprance have to pay one-year salary for teachers and other workers.
  -         *  Lesperance Agreement with government. It was mentions that lesprance had an agreement of five years with government (oromia state government) to invest about 1.8 million ETB. But the invested only 18% in four year and six months and as a result the government took the school again.
  -         *  Students’ textbook and Ethiopian government plan. In the near future the plan of government is one to one student ration). But it is stated that at the moment it is impossible.
  -         *  Class size. The plan of government is to teach 40 students in one class but now there are, on average, 80-91 students in one class.
  -         *  Materials: Oromia educational provided the school one duplicating machine and one typewriter and also promised to give scientific kits.
  -         *  Staff Salary. The government is paying currently only one teacher (head teacher) and the rest 17 workers did not get two months salary.
5.     Proposals for funding
  -         Prioritization of proposal and approval of proposal took place and the committee approved application for 94 desks. Details of quotes to be forwarded later.
            The following proposals are listed and will be pursued later.
 *  One block of 5 classrooms
        *  Sponsoring outstanding students (4) each year.
        *  Other additional desks after new block.
        *  Teachers Salary
        *  Staff Accommodation
        *  Staff cloth (uniform)
        *  Solar energy
6  Other business
  -         The trustees agreed that community people should contributes any thing they can to feel that they own the school.
7.      Meeting schedule- it was agreed that the next meeting takes place after three months but if there is need the secretary can call meeting to approve proposals.
  -         Tariku was assigned to prepare proposals for next meeting
  -         The meeting was ended at 2:28 Pm. And the next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 6 Feb.2007.
BY Tariku Gebre (the Secretary)