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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Madogo Secondary School Trust Meeting

December 6, 2012, A.F. Gross’s Office, Nairobi

In attendance:

Peter Ngang’a (PN)

Lainie Reisman (LR)

Stephen Kameti (SK)

Regrets – All other members

Agenda Issues

Attendance - Peter was the only one who showed up to the meeting.  After hearing some explanations it then became clear that Madogo doesn't have any money and couldn't pay their contribution for the Board to attend the meeting.  The Secretary explained that this is the sort of thing he should have raised with in advance to find a solution.   Attendees thought it would be reasonable to raise the travel costs to K5000.  

AP – future meeting per diems to be discussed in advance.

 IT Lab - There is a problem with the Camera lab in terms of some sort of power supply issue.  

AP:Steven is going to speak to Camara.

Pending Completion Reports - There was a folder prepared with completion reports but Peter didn't have it.  The school closed when all of the rioting and violence took place in Garissa.  

AP:Peter to send via email in January

Fencing - On the fence, Madogo now wants to do an interior fence for the academic area (to stop kids from leaving) and part of the exterior fence.  The surveyor plotted 3 out of 4 reference points but couldn't do the fourth as it is on the disputed land.

AP:Peter, working with Steven and KWS, to send a proposal.

Gladys Scholarship-   Since the Chase transfers never seem to work, the school was given Peter a check for Gladys' scholarship and the remaining stools (the unit cost is K1500, the same as KCB paid for.


Pending Payments - Although the school never realized (nor did I), the transfer of K160,000 (K120, 000 for bursaries and K40,000 for 1/2 of surveyor) never went through.  The Secretary advised that this funding would be held until all completion reports are submitted.

AP:   School to submit completion reports, transfer to be made, pending receipt of additional funds via TAS.

Internet Connection and proposal - The IT person will prepare a more detailed explanation of the internet connection issue, justifying the high monthly cost, as well as a revised proposal correcting arithmetic errors for the IT extra tuition.

AP:MSST To submit two revised proposals for Internet connection and additional IT tutorship.