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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



EBURRU Secondary School Trustees meeting.

Minutes of meeting held 14th Nov 2012

  1. Those present
    1. Evans, Solomon, Janet Strevens.    Invited Jane Kiguru (new Deputy Head)
  2. Apologies, Corr, Morgan (hospital Appointment (unexpected) the meeting wished David all the best.
  3. Minutes of last meeting 12th July 2012 already circulated and read. They were accepted as correct by Evans and Janet.
  4. Matters arising.
    1. The fundi from Gilgil for computers did not return, he was contacted yesterday.
    2. The future of Solomon.It had been agreed that the BOG would continue to fund him until he obtained a Govt . Position.
    3. Robina has applied for a new job and been accepted. Janet wished her all the best for her future and thanked her on behalf of the Trust for her help i9n the partnership.
  5. Appointment of Jane Kiguru as a Trustee.
    1. Jane was invited to be a trustee and she accepted.
  6. New Classroom funded by Wings of support
    1. It was decided that the money which had already been raised for a new classroom would be combined with the money from Wings of support and that a twin classroom would be built as this reduced the cost of a class by 25 %These 2 classrooms are now at roof level and will be ready for the new year 2013. A cheque for the next installment was presented.
  7. The previous classroom still had 52,000/- outstanding.Evans was given the cheque but it was being held as he was still not sure that the floor was up to standard. He was waiting for the engineer from Kengen to inspect (she is on the board of Governors)
  8. Staffing position at the school. For 2013 the school would be short of 6 teachers, The BOG will fund these. The school will have 7 streams in 2013.
  9. Boarding. Evans said that they could only accept 8 boarding girl students out of 30 as there was no more room.They are desperate for a boarding block to be built. Jane said that this was the most important need for the school.She stated the mileage these girls walked to school was enormous, they were arriving late and not able to concentrate on their studies.She said her teaching was suffering because she spent so much time following up these girl students.She said she had not even been able to walk to all the villages where these students came from but aimed to do this in the holidays. Janet said that she would look into funding.
  10. Newsletter and proposals.
    1. Evans said that Jane would be in charge of the newsletter and funding proposals.She was very happy to do this and already had some good ideas. A meeting was fixed with Janet.
  11.  High altitude Training Facility.
  12. Evans stated that the request formore land to make the running track into 400 meters would probably materialize. HopefullyHeritage and Kengen would now come on board for the development of the facility.
  13. .AOB
    1. Janet asked if there was any news of last years students. Mary, a trust funded student had been sponsored by Kengen to go to University and David was funding himself.Others were not known.
    2. The final exams were taking place at this moment and it was hoped that the results would rise from 6.1 to 7.3.
    3. TAS was having difficulty setting up a bank account for the Primary school. The bank had said that the Secondary School could have a B account for the Primary School if a resolution was passed. The meeting agreed that this resolution be passed:-

To CFC Stanbic Bank

Ref Account number 0100000146483 Eburru Secondary School Trust.

The Trustees of Eburru Secondary school Trust wish to open a B account for the use of Eburru Primary School Trust.  It will be called Eburru Secondary School Trust B Account. The  three 3 signatures will be....Patrick/van Oudgarden Gordon Strevens and Head (2 required)

This resolution was passed at a trustees meeting on Wed 14th Nov 2012


E. Ondieki...... Headmaster of Eburru Secondary School...........................................

Janet Strevens.. Secretary of Eburru Secondary School Trust..................................


The meeting was closed.