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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Boka Primary School Trust Meeting

AF Gross Office, Nairobi, 12 January 2012


Mohamed Abdullah Ahmed- Youth Representative

Ibrahim Hussein Edow- TAS member

Chief Bukaloc Mohamed Yatane- Chief Boka

Amina Madero- TAS Member

Saleh Fahim- Trustee

Derek Abio- Head Master

Stephen Kameti- TAS and KWS

Tony Fitzjohn- Trustee

Gill Marshall Andrews- Head Secretary for TAS

Kimberlee Elder- BOKA Secretary

Discussion Points:

Student population

Nursery: 58

Class 1- 60

Class 2-55

Class 3- 40

Class 4- 49

Class 5-43

Class 6- 22

Class 7-6

Class 8- 3

Two additional teachers have been funded:

The primary school TAS will fund 6000 KSH and the parents will fund 2000 KSH monthly

The nursery teacher will receive 7000 KSH monthly all from TAS

Action points: Teachers need to be hired and Stephen will supply Kimberlee with account details

Solar Power System:

One quote has been submitted for 357, 060 KSh

There will be a staged payment plan and 20% retention of payment until work has been completed satisfactorily

Action Points: Stephen and Derek will liaison with Jamie at Kora to visit Kora and see systems. Jamie and Derek will supervise scope and quality of project

Desks: Funding is available.

Once desks have been completed and delivered, contractor will be paid.

Action Point: Stephen will supply Kimberlee with contractor details.

Sat Phone:

Funding is available and are waiting on a new stock shipment of phones.

Action Points: Kimberlee will manage purchase and supply Stephen with the phone for transfer to BOKA


160,000 KSH is the remaining balance for the existing but incomplete fence

Action points: Derek will submit a proposal for the 160,000 KSH from TAS to clear the balance

The community will contribute a value of 120,000 KSH in terms of labor and supplies in order to complete the project


Dormitory: Derek will submit a quote and proposal. The cost of the engineer/ architect will be added to the proposal.

Linus from the Nation will visit on 21 January. Boka TAS members and Stephen will be present