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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Mon 21st November 2011

School has closed for Xmas holidays.  Meeting was held to finalise year payments and discuss projects that have been undertaken during the year.

  1. Laptop Computer donated by GMA.   Thank you.  After much discussion with people involved in the Community projects it was decided that Evans would profit most from this very sophisticated and valuable laptop, on the understanding that if he leaves the school it will remain as school property. The one he had 5 years ago is now defunct and not repairable. He finds communication very difficult and this causes me much grief. This has been cleaned up by Greg Snell.
  2. Football field.  This is on-going to date 1.5 million shillings has been spent on the leveling.  It still needs to be graded (I believe, but the bulk of the landscaping has been completed).  It is roughly 140yds by 75 yds. Enough for a football pitch and several volley ball courts / netball. There has been massive rainfall over the last months.  David Morgon will be able fill in these details.
  3. Baraton University  Solomon is now on his last component and due to ever increasing costs he has Ksh 68,000 outstanding.  It was agreed that monies be vired from other sources ie, interest, individual donations, not specified for particular projects. Evans said that he is such a valuable member of staff that it was vital that he continue with this course.
  4. English Teaching.  Plans for the improvement of teaching of English have been implemented. Amongst others the parents are going to pay for an extra English Teacher Fees are now Ksh 25,000.00 per year for a border and 12,000 per annum for Day student in order to fund the extra teacher.
  5. Bunk Beds Ksh 127,00 still owed for Bunk Beds  bought in Jan 2101. It is hoped that EAWL will fund some of this.
  6. Needs
    1. 10 Bunk Beds 15,000.00 each
    2. Lockers for new classroom 4,500 00 each.
  7. Abrahim. Considerable concern.  He has only attended 1 week of school this term. Academically very weak. Future:- He can only take the KCSE if he has completed 3 yrs  continuous education.  Alternatively he can take the Final Exam as a private candidate if he has completed 4 years since Class 8.  (What did he complete at St Georges’.?)  This is the only other way he can obtain the School Leaving certificate.
  8. Networking.  Ongoing.
  9. Proposal for TV with large screen and DVD player  posted to TAS.
  10. Interviews for Aided students,.  There will be 12 bursary students in 2012 cohort and 2 students in 2011 cohort.  Janet has asked for a timetabled slot for interviewing these students as the donors require up to date information of them and from them.  This date is 22nd Feb 2012  Janet 25th Nov 2011