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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Trustees Present: 

Abio Dereck Malibe  Headteacher

Ibrahim Hussein Solou – Chairman SMC

Mohammed Yatane Ahmed – Chief Boka Location

Mohamed Abdullah Ahmed – Youth Representative

Dandi Abdalla Wayu – Deputy Headteacher

Mike Harries - GAWPT

Trustees’ Apologies:

Kimberlee Elderlee – Secretary

Tony Fitzjohn - GAWPT

Swala Bayussuf

In attendance:

Abas Kunyo – Area Education Officer

Stephen Kameti – KWS / TAS co-ordinator

Bob Marshall-Andrews - GAWPT

Gill Marshall-Andrews – TAS secretary UK

Jamie ?  - GAWPT

1.  Prayers led by MH

2.  School update

Roll 237 ( 153 boys and 84 girls)

Classes 1 – 7 in operation

Not reported for beginning of term 40

 TSC teachers 6

SMC teachers 0

Parent funded nursery teachers 1

Mean exam results last term range from 402 in class 1 to 262 in class 7.  This seems to suggest that Class 1 is of a high calibre.

In class 6 there are 3 girls all of whom are good performers

In class 7 there are no girls.

In January it is expected that 47 children will report for the new class 1

This means that in January there will be 6 teachers for 8 classes and one class without desks.

Every child now has planted a tree and is looking after it.  Once the fence is completed it will be possible to extend the tree planting.

3.  Fence

TAS has contributed 540,000/- to the fence – roughly five sixths of the total cost.  This means that TAS trustees expect around five sixths of the fence to be completed to the desired standard by now as all of the 540,000/- has been paid to the contractor.  TF has previously indicated that there was more work to be done on the fence before it will be fit for purpose.

ADM and SK will liaise to ensure that this is done.  GMA reiterated that no further funds will be forthcoming until the TAS portion of the fence is properly finished.

4.   Leaflets

The Boka Primary School Trust leaflets have not been delivered to the school.  SK will ensure that this happens soon.

5.  Satellite phone

Funds are in the BPST bank account for this. MH indicated that his worked very well in Boka and it was agreed that it would be a useful means of communication between ADM/ KE/SK.

ADM, KE and SK will liaise about this and discuss programming etc.

6.  Solar power

It was agreed that it would be very useful for the classrooms to be lit in the evenings. ADM / SK / MH will liaise about this so a proposal can be developed.

7.  Books

 Linus  CEO of the Nation has offered some more books and is still interested in  raising funds for a new staffroom / library.  MH will contact him.

8. Water

It is possible that Just a Drop may be able to fund a windpump for the school.  MH is liaising with Lissa Campbell over this. 

9.  KWS

It was agreed that KWS will be approached to support a wildlife/conservation club in school and to arrange to take children into the park.   Conservation education is of major importance in this area.

10.  TVs and DVDs

It was agreed that TAS will welcome a proposal for this once solar power is in place.

11.  Next priorities

Funding proposals will be prepared for 2 teachers, mid term exam papers, solar power, desks for incoming class, more tree seedlings.  Dormitories may be considered in the future.

12.  Next meeting

It is proposed that there should be a meeting in January – either in Mwingi or Nairobi.