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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Gill Marshall Andrews                             TAS Secretary (UK)

Mrs Musimba                                        School Principal

Mr. Khameti                                          KWS (in attendance)

Mr. Muthui                                             Trust Members


The meeting started with the school principal introducing herself to the members as she was new in the school and this was her first TAS meeting.  Gill Marshall also introduced herself to the principal.

Min 01/15/05/2011  -  Trip Report

The school principal reported to the members that the trip previously funded by TAS had been undertaken successfully.  She indicated that such trip were great help to the students academically and looked forward to such trips in the future.

Min 02/15/05/2011  -  Water Project

The members discussed the issue of tapping water from the nearby Tana River.  Gill Marshall indicated that the proposal earlier made was successful considered and Ksh 400,000.00 had been allocated for the same.  The trust members expressed hope that the project will be implemented by August this year.

Min 03/15/05/2011   -  Partnership

Gill Marshall reported to the members that she had identified school in UK which was willing to partner with Useni Girls Secondary School in addition.   She handed a letter from the same school requesting for partnership.  She advised the school principal to consider responding immediately.



Min 04/15/052011  -  Remedial Teaching

The members discussed the possibility of teachers being motive to supervise students during their private study hours especially during preps and weekends.  Gill Marshall advised the school trust to put forward a proposal requesting for funding to cater for the same.

Min 05/15/05/2011  - Construction of Bandas

The school trust agreed that a proposal will be put forward seeking funds for the construction of Bandas.   The Bandas will be used among other things for providing conducive areas for group discussion by students.

Min 06/15/05/2011   - Solar Installation in Staff’s Houses

Gill Marshall authorized the installation of solar in the staff houses.  This is to be catered for by the balance of funds from the previously funded solar installation in the school.

Min 07/15/05/2011   - Television Sets and DVD Players in Classrooms

The school Trust was advised to put up a proposal seeking funds to buy TV sets and DVD players for each class in the school.  This will aid in teaching.

Min 08/15/05/2011   -  Adjournment

There being no other business the meeting ended at around 1.00p.m.

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