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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Boka Primary School Trust Meeting

Mwingi Cottage Hotel

Wednesday, May 18th 2011, 10:00-1:00


Mrs. Gill Marhsall- Andrews

Mr. Stephen Kameti

Mr. Derek Abio- Head master

Mr. Abrahim Hussein- Chairman

Mr. Dandi Wayu- Deputy Head Teacher

Mr. Mohamed Yatane- Boka Chief

Mr. Saleh Fahim- Volunteer Trustee

Ms. Kimberlee Elder- Boka Trust Secretary

General Report of the School:

~Standard 1- Standard 7, 146 males, 82 females, ages 7-15

~6 male teachers

~Current relationships excellent with KWS- due to drought animals are given grazing rights in park

Matters of Concern and Status of Proposal:

~Fencing- TAS funding approved and community donated sand and ballast ready.

*Waiting for work quotations and samples of material due to termite problem

~Air Strip- Community has cleared trees

*Waiting for KWS to grade. Gill suggested work be directed to local community, follow up needed

~Water Pump-

*Per Stephen, set to complete in August

~School Feeding Program- Ministry of Education responsible for supplying food per term

*Food was delayed; Mr. Kameti, Mr. Abio, and Mr. Fahim will go to the MOE

~Examinations- Mr. Abio and Mr. Wayu requested funding for mid- term examinations, as additional diagnostic tool

*Mr. Abio will write proposal

~Additional employment of teachers- 1 female teacher for Primary level, and additional trained teacher for Nursery

*Mr. Abio will write proposal regarding funding for teacher salary. Amount not determined for either party, but Community will also contribute

~Staff room/ secure store needed- currently staff room in disrepair, and Standard 8 classroom is being used for Staff and storing food. The room will be needed for the addition of Standard 8 for next year

*Mr. Abio will collect quotations and write proposal for mixed use Staff room and Store

~Satellite Phone- Necessary for emergency communication

*Kimberlee will price and write proposal. Will price for 2 as Asako is also in need.

Budget proposal for TAS Board meetings:

            *Kimberlee will write and submit budget proposal