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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Mivukoni Secondary school trust  Meeting, September 17th 2010


Godfrey Kyengo, District Education office, Kyuso (GK)

Stephen Kameti, TAS coordinator (SK)

Ms Mutinda, Principal (AM)

Julia Musyimi, parent representative (JM)

Harriet Matsaert, Trust Secretary (HM)

Francis Koma, Board of Governors (FK)

Isaac Kaningu, Teacher (IK)

John Mutua Muthengi, student representative (form 4). (JMM)

William Mitheki, Board of Governors (WM)

Gill Marshall-Andrews, TAS (GMA)

Wilson Njue ,  KWS (WN)

Mark Cheruiyot, KWS (MC)

Ms Mbula, Board of Governors


1.  Introductions

FK noted that there will be a BOG meeting tomorrow at Mivukoni.

2.  Approval of Agenda


3.  Approval of previous minutes and matters arising.

All action points have been carried out.

Minutes approved by AM, seconded by JM.

4.   Report on School Progress


Girls’ dormitory is now almost complete except bathroom.

Construction of boys’ dormitory has started.

The borehole is now installed.  There is no longer a problem with water in the school, but pipes have yet to be installed.  Water quality is as good as what is available at the market (slightly salty).

Science lab is being built and the dining room is still being finished.

Lab equipment has arrived and is much appreciated.


Form 4 curriculum is being completed today.  Revision starts from next week. Form 1 – 3 have moved on to next year’s syllabus.

Form 4 mock exams were done jointly with Tseikuru secondary school.  Top student (the boy who is repeating) got a B+, one B- and to C+.  These were all boys. The top girl got a C.  The mean score was 4.6.

Remedial programme.

Extra morning and evening classes are being held.

Three examiners have come to talk to the children, chemistry, biology and ki Swahili.  Tomorrow maths and English.  Next week agriculture, history, business education and computer.

Motivational speaker will be coming next week.  Mr Okinda.  Former teacher and now a publisher.

Twelve students visited Kyambo secondary school for a week. Teachers went for one day.  Some new initiatives have been launched based on good practice seen at Kyambo.  These are 1) discussions for the whole school on Saturdays,  2) academic contests between form 3 and 4 on selected topics.  3) Random assessment tests (every teacher should set a surprise test every month).

Every student with a low mark has to come to school with their parents to discuss how to improve their mark.

Parents have made additional payments to support the remedial teaching programme.

Kalonzo foundation has given a bursary to two top performing girls in form 1 and 2.    Fees will be paid for the rest of their time in school.

Thoughts on this year’s class.

Fairly good and there are 5 students (of 32) who will probably get good grades.  Teachers are working with the weak students to help improve their grades.  Hoping to improve mean from 3.9 to 5.8 this year.  Hope there won’t be any D- this year.  Hope to break the glass ceiling and get an A- this year.

Ms Mutinda observed that the students who are doing best have actually come from other schools. The top student from this school got a C in the mocks.

GK expressed his appreciation of the improvements in the school and high mean for the mock exams.  He felt it was a good idea to bring examiners and motivational speaker to the school.  Also very impressed to hear that the syllabus has been completed.

DEO Quality assurance team spent a whole day at the school recently. The team is banking on this school to produce good results.

BOG took all the teachers to Mombasa over the school break in recognition of the improvements in the school.  Ms Mutinda expressed the teachers’ appreciation. Teachers feel appreciated and ready to move forward.

FK expressed his appreciation of the work of the DEO for the school.

PTA representative report: 

JM noted that parents contributed money for tuition during the vacation and for remedial teaching.  Parents are planning to meet this term.

FK expressed his appreciation for the parents’ contribution.

Student representative report.  

JMM started by thanking TAS.  Students really appreciated trip to Kyambo which has contributed to raising the mean school grades.  Bandas are also appreciated as they make space for discussion and personal studies.    Students also appreciate the programme of remedial teaching which has helped students to cover the whole syllabus (except history and chemistry which will be finished this week).  Have learned a lot from the visiting examiners.  Now feeling more confident to face the exams.  Thanks to parents who have contributed to tuition.    Appreciate having water for washing and drinking.  In the past there wasn’t enough water.

FK asked which areas still require improvement.  JMM said more trips would be useful, and it would be good if more students were able to go on those trips.

Issue with morning teaching as some teachers are not following the normal time.

HM asked what career advice is given to students?  WN said that KWS are planning to come to Mivukoni school to talk about careers in KWS.

FK said this is a gap and something we should consider in the future and asked GK to respond.  GK stated that there is provision for career guidance in our schools. There is a guidance and counseling department.  Mivukoni school is too small to have heads of departments.  When it has heads of departments, one of these will be charged with responsibility for careers.

School is in the process of registering as a double stream.  Then it will have heads of departments.

5.  Completion reports

Fencing is completed and bandas were officially opened by his Excellency Kalonzo and Assistant director of KWS and they also planted trees.

AM will give HM completion report for the fencing.

HM to check if we have already sent a completion report for the banda.



6.   Report on Trust Accounts

FK and HM to sign to send bank statements to HM.



7.  New Proposals

1. Chairs

To allow bandas to be fully utilized.

Our first proposal didn’t go through because it was for plastic chairs.  School would now like to propose local chairs ‘Ken chairs’  - good quality and strong wood and made by community members to school’s specifications and wooden tables.    Chairs should be comfortable and maintenance will be easier.  The only problem is that they are heavy.

Costing for chairs is 600 shillings (including cushion).  Proposal is for 80 chairs – 48,000/-

Tables (circular) to be made in Mwingi – estimating at 10,000 per table.  – 80,000 plus 8000.  

Branding  100/- for each chair table – 8,800/-

Total 144,800

BOG/parents can contribute transport costs of 8000.  So request for 138,800.

AM to give copy of proposal to HM to forward to TAS UK.

  1.  Library Proposal

Architect (Kimanzi Musya) has drawn up plans.

Budget 1.7 million is the total cost including electricity and fittings.

Parents can contribute sand and unskilled labour.  Will not call on BOG/parents for cash as they are already committed to other projects (new classroom).

To ask Gill what we need to do.  How many quotes?

Next meeting we can start developing proposals for the equipment for library.

Ask SK to prepare a copy of the architectural plans.  Hard copy or email.

  1.  Meeting Costs

The committee proposed that in 2011, we should have 2 meetings in the school, 1 meeting in Mwingi, 1 meeting in Nairobi.  HM to prepare a budget for the next meeting. 

Committee members to propose ideas for educational tours.







MC congratulated Mivukoni on its progress.

Communication.  Agree that committee members will email back to confirm they have received emails.

GMA gave us an update on the global partnership.  There are funds for two teachers to come to the UK.  December might be a good time.  February/May could be a good time for teachers to come here.  The school needs to communicate with Hampton academy to plan this.  AM/IK to contact the school and propose dates for visit.  GMA suggested a weekly email.  GMA will put the school in touch with Tedman Aloo, contact in the British Council.

GMA floated the idea of providing bonuses for good performance in the form 4 exams (teacher bonuses have been used in Asako school).  Committee members agreed to reflect on this idea.  GMA said she would be particularly interested to hear what students thought of this idea.

SK brought trust deeds which were signed by all trust post holders.




Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for January 28th at Mivukoni.


Julia K Musyimi  0737070951

Isac Kaningu 0725 105129

Francis Koma  0721 279580

Wilson K Njue  tel 0720 401641

Mark Cheruiyot  tel 0721 710556

William Mutheki  tel 0714 791000

Godfrey M Kengo

 Tel 0714 338144