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Kora Secondary School gets laptops and a printer
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Minutes of Trustees meeting held on Sat. 17th July 2010.

1.     Present EO, JS, SM, DM, CW

2.    Janet apologised for short notice of meeting. There was not enough time to receive apologies.

3.    Minutes of meeting held Wed 18th May 2010 (already circulated) Approved by JS and SM.

4.    Matters Arising.

Laboratory and Twin Class

·        The Lab is up and running although there are still details to be completed that were not in the contractor’s remit.

                                          i.    Guttering down pipes need to be connected to the tank

                                        ii.    Drains from sinks require a soak away

                                       iii.    Steps to the lab.

                                       iv.    Landscaping for the twin classroom and the Lab is going to be done by the students also steps up to the Lab. Money for the materials have been raised by the students. (they have fasted at lunch time one day a week.)

·        Mandi Builders have been recalled to correct poor workmanship.  Since the lab has started to be used, faults have appeared.  He was agreeable to rectifying the faults.

·        Evans stated that the Govt. building inspector was called in from NVS as it was noted that the contractors were not building the twin class to specification. The inspector verified this and the contractors have now complied with the regulations.  The inspector has made 2 visits and is now satisfied that the building is up to spec.

·        It has been decided to put a movable partition between the 2 classrooms in order for the twin building to be used as a hall.

5.    Evaluation of laboratory handed to Janet to be forwarded to TAS

6.  TAS funding. (discussed on 19th May)

·        Bursaries. Request for 10 bursaries for poor students presented for TAS consideration

·        Teacher funding for one teacher presented to TAS.

7.    Funding. 

·        There is enough money to finish the twin classroom to include electrical fittings without dipping into ring marked funding.  Thanks to Langley School. Ksh 400000.00

·        However she stated that we now have no more funds, although there were a few applications in the pipe line.

·        Accenture have suggested that we apply again and it looks as though we would have more chance if we reduced the amount we requested

·        Heritage  (Timothy, the manager, stated that they have done enough in providing work experience). Janet said she would still pursue this.

·        Priority are desks for the new classrooms at Ksh 4,000.00 each (these are seats with locker type desks.)

·        Evans stated that an application for Ksh  600,000.00 would be considered by the CDF but would not be confirmed until Sept. 2010.

8.   Kengen

·        May bulldoze the football field

·        Have given the school 5 student bursaries of Ksh 5,000.00 each.  15 students have applied for them

·        Under their Community social responsibility they will provide 10 bursaries to university for students with A &B grades. 

9.    AOB   Solomon thanked JM for the promise of the laptop. The football by the Arsenal coaches had gone extremely well and helped raise the morale of the school.