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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Event;                         Boka Primary School Trust (BPST) Meeting.

Date;               22rd June 2010

Venue;            Boka Primary School

Content;          Minutes of the meeting

Members Present

1.       Dereck MalibE Abio – H/Teacher

2.       Ibrahim Hussein Edow – SMC Chair

3.       Dandi Abdallah Wayu –Teacher Rep.

4.       Mohamed Abdallah  Ahmed – Youth Rep.

5.       Maryan Hassan Sheikh – Women rep.

6.       Tonny Fitzjohn –Trustee (GAWCT)

In Attendance

1.       Kameti Stephen  -TAS

2.       Mohamed  Yatane Abdi –Area  Asst. Chief

3.       Lucy Fitzjohn - GAWCT

4.       Eli Weiss – WILDIZE

5.       Pual Luusa (KWS) – Representing  Mark; Warden Kora

6.       Steve Turner  -ORIGINs

The meeting started at 1 pm

Meeting started with self introduction and was chaired by Kameti -TAS

TAS  Operation.

Mr. Kameti took the members through the procedure of starting a Local Trust and what Trust is and is not.

He told the members that TAS model of transfer of funds is unique in the sense that money is transferred straight from U.K. to the local Trust Account and its upon the Local Trust to make the best use of the funds according to the plan in the proposal.

He informed members that, once a project is completed, a completion report must be done using a formatted form which can be downloaded from the  TAS web-site by all/any in need. Members where also informed by Mr. Kameti that funding is only done on the basis of up-front proposal and not to pay spend money.

Local Trust Members

Members agreed that the following to be the members of the local Boka Primary School Trust:-

1.       School H/teacher

2.       1 teacher representative

3.       1 Youth representative

4.       1 lady representative (gender issue)

5.       Chairman of the SMC

The Local Chief, Councilor and AEO will be ex-offio and can attend the meeting at their will eventhough its important AEO attends all meetings.

Other members ; external trustees; i.e.

 - Secretary

 – Mark  cheruyoit

- Tonny Fitzjohn

- Mick Hariss

- Mr Falim Bayusuf

Account Signatories

The signatories of the A/C will be H/T Mr. Derrick, Trust chairperson and secretary of Trust. The A/C to be opened with Equity Bank – Garissa Branch.

Funding Proposal

Members of the local Trust Presented need of desks as top priority. The same was agreed to be forwarded TAS for funding. However, the need must be put in the right format by filling the proposal form. It was agreed two quotes must be raised – one from Garissa and another from Mwingi sides. The proposal will be for 100 desks only.

Security/ Co-existence

Tony Fitz John emphasized the need of good neighborhood and same point was stressed by visiting friends. Eli weiss and Steve Tuner. All members agreed it was cardinal as TAS support the school Trust, good should be reciprocated with good. Mr. Luusa KWS stressed the commitment of KWS in effecting Olive Branch gesture to the Local community as a priority option. Chairman SMC/Trust assured members of local community commitment towards good neighborhood.


The H/T Mr. Derrick Assured members of his keenness towards accountability and promised to display the TAS account on the notice board among others. The A/C will also display the amount in the A/C and for what purpose.

Trust Secretary

No secretary yet for the Trust- Rondney whom Stephen had invited to attend the meeting  and also doubling in well construction(Well sponsored by FAME) same day informed the members he will informed his wife – Alma of the need and give feedback. The request was made to him by Tonny Fitzjohn. Stephen and Tony was action to make follow up of the issue.


Mr. Luusa – KWS reported that most of works has been done  likes  Bush clearing by local casuals on pay. He said KWS will be bringing in grader for final touches then the airstrip can be used. Tony informed  members that locals will be involved in management of the airstrip especially in noting the landing/ off-taking of the planes.

Key action points

-          Opening of Bank A/C – Action person H/T Derrick in consultation with Stephen.

-          Raising desks quotation (two quotation H/T to raise Garissa quotation and Stephen to assist in getting somebody to quote in Mwingi).

-          Trust secretary: Tony Fitzjohn and Stephen to make Follow-up of the issue ASAP.

-          Trust deed signing: Stephen to complete the process with Falim and Mike Harris

Meeting ended at 3pm with prayers by Trust Chairperson.

Next Meeting to be determined by Secretary.