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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




KPST  Trustees present:

John Mulaki (ex-SMC chairman) JM

Peninah Muthengi (Chairlady) PM

Patrick Mukora ( Teacher) PaM

Sanjmi Kent ( TAS) SaK

In attendance:

Agnes ( Observer)

Jacob Syengo (teacher representative) JS

Sonia Sagoo ( prospective trustee) SS

Gill Marshall Andrews (TAS trustee) GMA

Stephen Kameti (TAS facilitator) SK

Apologies: Christopher Nzili-CN, Stephen Kasovo (Head Teacher) HT


The meeting opened with a prayer

SS read the minutes from the previous meeting. 

Matters Arising:


  1. Structure for the nursery shade has been erected, roofing remaining.  ACTION School to ensure the roofing is completed
  2.  Obtaining good seedlings has been a problem, only 3 trees have germinated. School is requesting assistance obtaining seedlings. ACTION  SK to take a forester to see the school and advise on which trees to plant ( 2 week timeline)
  3. Nursery and trees when transplanted will need protection from local livestock. A 4m high fence around the whole school was suggested. ACTION School to prepare a proposal for perimeter fence and gate. SK to collect in 2 weeks. KWS to be explored as a donor for this project.


  1. 365 children are now enrolled.  193 boys, 172 girls.
  2. Only 4 TSC teachers remaining at the school. School needs 8 teachers. ACTION  TAS to write a letter to the DEO.

LEVIES: Only levy currently charged is for tuition during out of school hours. This was discussed and it was agreed that this was ok for the parents to cover.

EXAM FEES: Cheque for Kshs 127,680/- was released to Stephen Kameti. He has only released one payment of Kshs 20,580/-  ACTION:  Balance to be returned to TAS account.

LOCAL TAS ACCOUNT:  There was a proposal for the local school trust to have an account in Mwingi so that annual funds ( like above) are not released at one go. This was further discussed between GMA, SaK and SS and agreed that an additional account does not seem necessary.  ACTION  SSto look into using MPESA to pay suppliers directly.

WATER: there is a need for new or repaired guttering. SK was to approach GEF, but their project has failed. ACTION: SK to approach  German Agro Action for assistance and possible borehole.

ACTION 2: HT was to write the story of why they need a borehole - explaining how at peak of drought only around 167 children in school.  HT to give to SK to email to GMA.  SK/GMA to approach KWS. As HT was not there at meeting it was unsure where we are on this action.


1.       Monthly report was not available. HT not in attendance so unable to explain.  ACTION:  HT to email report to secretary or give to SK to pass on.

2.       Direct debits for teachers salaries are operational and are working without problem

3.       Funds for Pre-School Teacher Peninah have been sent. ACTION PM to set up bank account and pass details onto SaK to set up direct debit. Salary will be from May 2010-2011 as TAS will not backdate payments.


Current Standard 8 there are 12 children – 10 boys and 2 girls.

Schools target mean is 250+  School trying to achieve this through extra coaching of children. Teachers are donatiing time during morning / evening breaks and Saturdays. Parents are paying for additional tuition durning the holidays.


  1. SaK proposed Sonia Sagoo as a Trustee. This was seconded by PM. All were in agreement
  2. SaK  proposed Benjamin Katutu as a Trustee. This was seconded by PaM. All in Agreement
  3. SK explained that he issue between Benjamin and Peninah has been resolved. It was a case of misunderstandings.
  4. SaK proposed that SS be added as a signatory to the TAS account in Nairobi. This was accepted by all.


  1. Classroom renovations. Still no proposal done. SaK explained that TAS will need a Bill of Quantities to accept the proposal.  ACTION School to give SK proposal in 2 weeks
  2. School Trips. CN has the schools proposal. ACTION SK to follow up with him and pass proposal to SaK


HT was to produce a report for next meeting on why so many girls drop out as they get older and any suggestions on how to retain them: e.g. motivational speakers, exposure trips to other girls’ schools. As HT was not present this action is still outstanding.

Agnes brought up issue of how some girls drop out due to lack of sanitary pads during their menstrual cycles. They do not attend school, fall behind on work, and eventually drop out. ACTION:  School to prepare a proposal for Sanitary pads, to be given to SK in 2 weeks.

NOTICE BOARD:  GMA proposed the school have notice board to display all matters relating to school funding and proposals.  ACTION :  Agnes to organize the board.  ACTION2 :  SK to arrange that the minutes of meeting to get to the school for display.

Date of Next Meeting:  To be decided