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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Madogo Secondary School Trust Meeting

20.05.10 at Madogo Secondary School


Peter Ngang’a                          (PN)

Abas Kunyo                                      (AK)

Rosaniah Gwiyo                      (RG)

Sarah Cooper                          (SC)

In attendance:

Abinther Otiende Lugadiru      (AOL)

Stephen Kameti                       (SK)

Hussein Waju                          (HW)


H.J.Kofa                                  (HJK)

Anthony.F.Gross                    (AFG)

The meeting opened with a prayer led by SK.

1.     Matters Arising

i.                   Science Laboratory - SC confirmed that she had met with Kimanzi and had an extension of month to the original contract, due to the amount of time it had taken to make the bricks using the ISSB machine. She had also agreed to pay an additional KSh60,000 to cover the cost of purchasing and transporting 70 tonnes of red soil to the site.

ii.                 Proposal for Extra Tuition  - AOL had sent a revised proposal for extra tuition, however SC confirmed that this needed further work. AOL and RG to work on this and send to SC, in time for August Holiday Tuition.

iii.              School Evaluation by D.E.O - AK had not sent an evaluation of Madogo to GMA. He said that he was waiting for a team to come and do an full evaluation. SC stressed that an extensive evaluation was not necessary at this point and asked him to send as many details regarding the school as was possible. He agreed to send the relevant details within two weeks.

iv.              Exam Results - PN had delegated responsibility to AOL for sending an analysis to GMA. He also provided a copy of the latest figures to SC at the meeting

v.                  Solar Panels - PN informed the meeting that the KPLC power had stabilised recently and there was less need for solar panels. However, he was keen for power cables to be linked to the dormitories and the dining room, which at present have no power. SC suggested talking to KPLC and also asked PN to get a quote for the cost of the cable. PN also informed the meeting that the school now has a generator, so that the computers could run efficiently. SC asked about the internet connection. AOL informed the meeting that the computers were now working well, and that the anti-virus software had also been installed. There was now a good connection (using Orange) approx 60% of the time.

vi.              Girls’ Education - PN was keen to promote girls education and had written a letter to Alliance Girls High School for bench marking trip for 12 girls students, including 3 students from Form I, II, III and IV respectively. The head teacher of Alliance Girls High School had replied positively and a trip has been planned for June 7-10. He asked TAS if they would fund the girls’ travel and expenses, while the B.O.G would match fund the accompanying teachers. SC to submit proposal to GMA.

vii.            TAS Coordinator’s Duties - SK agreed to visit Madogo School once a month and would now be using the TAS Information Sheet to provide regular updated information to the Secretary and also to TAS London.

2.     Science Laboratory

Work is continuing well with the laboratory, and the walls and floor have now been finished. PN requested that TAS provide furniture and science equipment. SC agreed to discuss the matter with GMA, but also stressed the need for CDF to match funding. It was suggested that PN approach them to cover costs of furniture and equipment.

SC was concerned that the ISSB machine would not be used now that the science laboratory was nearly completed. It was agreed that the school would try and rent out the machine in order to generate extra income. SC encouraged the school to also try and use the machine in order to start building the perimeter wall.

PN informed the meeting that the Government of Kenya, in conjunction with the African Development Bank , had recently agreed to an increase in funding for Madogo Secondary School of  KSh 4.35M.

This was to be allocated as follows (approx figures);

·        Addition Classroom Block      Ksh   500,000    

·        New Science Laboratory                   KSh   2 M

·        Science Lab Equipment           KSh   222,000

·        Infrastructure to enable students with disabilities, including additional ablution blocks                              Ksh   900,000

·        Classroom furniture                KSh   200,000

·        Teacher Training                     KSh    400,000

SC congratulated the school on the extra funds that had been allocated.

PN stated that the remaining challenges for the school are the perimeter fence and teacher accommodation. He explained that only two teachers remained on site after 4pm and that it was extremely difficult to control the movement of the students at night. Discipline was becoming increasingly difficult and this was exacerbated by the lack of a perimeter fence.

3.     Waldegrave School Partnership

SC explained that the application for the Global Curriculum Project Grant had been refused by Dfid. This was a huge disappointment to all involved. SC once again stressed the urgent need for close and regular communication with Waldegrave. With regular power and improved network, it is now possible to be in regular, weekly contact with the school.  The meeting accepted the shortcomings, and agreed to make this a priority. SC once again stressed that it was extremely important to maintain regular contact with all involved, and suggested that weekly SMS’s would also be acceptable if the internet connection was not working. AOL and RG agreed to read ALL the emails from Caroline Croll at Waldegrave School, and to comment and attend to the questions they were being asked.

4.     Exam Results

PN explained to the meeting that the exam results for had been disappointing. The mean results have dropped since 2007, partly as a result of increased enrolment which leads to larger class sizes. In 2007 enrolment had increased by +62; in 2008 +92; in 2009 +84. The total school roll is now 576 students and class sizes are an average of 50 students.

The mean result for the past three years, are as follows;

·        2007          C-

·        2008          D

·        2009          D+

PN explained to the meeting that performance has dropped due to an increase in class size. 2008 results were particularly poor due to instability within the school as a result of persistent strikes by teachers.

He also explained that Madogo School was seen as a ‘sink’ school within both the local and wider community, and only those students who could not gain entry to any other schools would attend.

The newly elected Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Hussein Waju, stressed his commitment to the school and was very keen to support any initiative that would endeavour to improve both the results and the standing of the school within the local community. He was planning to hold separate meetings with the students, teachers and parents respectively, and would consolidate his findings. He agreed to report his findings of those meetings to SC.

5.     Proposal for Extra Tuition

A separate discussion was held at the end of the meeting, with SC, AOL, RG and SK. It was agreed that AOL and RG would resubmit a more detailed proposal including a provisional timetable of lessons, number of students and teachers involved and number of hours. This was to be emailed to SC who would submit the proposal to GMA in time for the August school holiday.

6.     Girls’ Education

As mentioned in, PN is keen to promote and provide extra support for girls education within the school. He has contacted one of the top ranking girls’ schools in the country, Alliance Girls High School, and has arranged a bench marking trip for 12 students, 3 from each Form. The aim of this trip is for both students and teachers alike to witness good teaching practice and strong discipline with the school.

HW was extremely supportive of the trip and agreed to provide funds to cover the teachers’ expenses. SC agreed to submit proposal to TAS to cover the 12 students’ travel expenses.

SC suggested the possibility of streaming some of the classes, separating the boys and girls, and whether this would help to increase the confidence of girl students. HW was supportive and felt this would definitely help to focus more on girl students. PN agreed to try this approach and would report back next meeting.

7.     Arsenal

SK explained that the tracksuits that GMA had left were too small for the Madogo students and were now going to be donated to Asako Primary School.

SC asked whether there had been any progress in writing a draft timetable for potential gap year coaches. AOL explained that he had sent this to GMA. SC was unaware of any correspondence and asked for a copy.

8.     Other Proposals

There are currently 2 proposals pending:

1. Games equipment, 2. Classroom furniture.

In addition, SC will submit 2 additional proposals - 1. Girls’ trip to Alliance Girls High School, 2. Extra Tuition costs.

9.     Any Other Business

PN questioned the involvement and role of KWS with TAS. He was unaware that there was any relationship with TAS. SK explained the role of KWS to the meeting. SC stressed that no money from TAS was going to KWS, and similarly all funds to Madogo Secondary School were from TAS alone. KWS facilitates the movement of TAS trustees in the remote areas, but did not play any part in the funding of projects.


·        AOL & RG to resubmit detailed proposal for extra tuition.

·        AK to send analysis of school to SC and GMA

·        PN to get quote for extra power cabling to dormitories

·        SC to submit proposal for trip to Alliance Girls High School

·        SK to visit school monthly and send report to SC & GMA

·        HW to update SC on meetings at school

·        AOL to send detailed timetable for potential Arsenal coaches

·        PN to discuss possible streaming of girls and boys with staff

PN closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending. The meeting closed at 2.45pm.

Next meeting is to be held in Nairobi in September – date to be confirmed.