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Kora Secondary gets its library
Kora Secondary School is expanding fast and badly needed a library.  ....(read more)

Mama Leyla donate 40 solar study lights to TAS schools
Mama Leyla, a charity in Kenya that employs vulnerable women to assemble ....(read more)

Kora Secondary School gets laptops and a printer
Kora Secondary School has received 2 laptops and a printer for curriculum ....(read more)

Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Minutes of Trustees meeting held on Mon 3rd May 2010

  1. Present Evans, Janet &  Solomon
  2. Minutes of meeting held on Sat 13th March.were approved  and certified as correct by EO and SM
  3. Matters arising. None as all on Agenda.
  4. Funding Position at present.

Laboratory needs

Order of priority




Work stations (cement, started)



Free standing benches



50 Stools



Shelving for preparation room




Wings of Support have been given a proposal for funding of this.  The contractors have been advised to complete the work stations which is a compromise on the original plans.  Money has been withheld as they have not completed lab, however they cannot complete until work stations are in place.

Funds available expected & applied for in Ksh

Available now

Available later

Parents and TAS


Williams USA available Nov 2010


Armitage  Heritage answer in 2 wks

Shortfall 250,000.00applied for

Bonnik.  waiting

Shortfall 250,000.00applied for

EAWL Bike Race………Sept.2010


Chemoset  Safari company

Langley School promised ?

Available in bank from local donors



Next in take of pupil’s parents

Accenture Ksh2,390,000.00 applied





5. Classroom for 2011 for 2 stream entry

    1.  It has been decided by the BOG and the Trustees that a TWIN classroom be built for Ksh 1,323 310. Ksh 800,000.00 is available in the bank and hopefully other donors will produce the promised monies. This will be without electricity.  This will have to be sourced separately.  If the funds have not been realized by the time the final payment is due, discussions will be had to Vire existing funds.

6. Future planning

                                                              i.      2 more classrooms.

                                                            ii.      Dormitories

                                                          iii.      Water harvesting Tank (second one)

                                                          iv.      Funding for Solomon’s salary in 2011 as hopefully Govt. will supply rest of teaching staff..

7. Newsletter by students

            Janet thanked Solomon for his efforts. Patricia had been unable to do this as she had been ill. Janet gave her a template and asked for one to be composed demonstrating IT skills.

8. Work experience

4 students had been accepted by Heritage for work experience.


Appendix, Notes on informal meeting.       

Eburru Secondary School Trust 9th April 2010

Notes from meeting following BOG meeting 8th April 2010.

Those present Janet, Solomon, Charles, Evans (phone communication) David, discussion, the previous evening)

Laboratory fittings.

A donor might fund the fittings for the Lab. required for this proposal:-

·         Plan of the new fittings for work stations.

·         Plan for the shelving in the prep room

·         Quotation for free standing benches

·         Costing for stools.

It was agreed that these be sent to Janet ASAP and she would forward the proposal to the donor. (Wings of Support) The treasurer was taken round the site on Sunday

Building of classrooms.

There was much consternation that the cost of building the classrooms had escalated since the last tender had been received.

Tenders had been received ranging from .6m to 1.4m. Per classroom.

Investigations showed that:-

·         CDF would build for .38 m.

o    This building would be sub standard, (small), no ceiling, no windows, no plastering.

·         Information from NVS Girls School showed that a classroom of suitable standard  cost .7 m

·         The cost of transport of materials to Eburru would be offset by the cheaper labour available in Eburru.

·         The cost of building 2 classrooms would be less than .7 x 2 as the preliminary work would be less and the adjoining wall would make it cheaper.

There is .5m available immediately from the Trust and Parents.

It was agreed that the tender committee be approached and decide on the tender in order for donors to be approached with concrete plans.

This would enable them to be started as soon as the funding had been confirmed.

Water collection.

The tank had overflowed during the heavy rains we had experienced.  The new Lab will produce a great deal of water; at a future date another tank will be required.

There will however be more students using the water and of course the rain is unpredictable.

News Letter

Janet asked why this had not been produced.  Langley school were expecting this.

Jan Strevens 9 April 2010