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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





  1. Present Evans, Solomon, Charles, Janet, DM. Apologies from Lilly, Val.
  2. Minutes of meeting held Mon 8th Feb 2010.  Read and approved by DM seconded by Charles
  3. Matters arising.  None as all matters on agenda.
  4. Janet and David congratulated the staff on their achievement in the KCSE results.

  1. Funding
    1. GMA had sent Ksh 560.000/- from TAS for :-

                                                              i.      324,000/-  3 teachers for 6 months

                                                            ii.      200,000/- classroom provided this was built for the second stream

                                                          iii.      36,000/- for Amos (gift aid)

b.          Evans thanked GMA

c.           Colour Crops had donated Ksh 50,000/- to the school

d.          Other funding was also in the pipeline but figures not yet known from:-

                                            i.                        Wings of Support

                                          ii.                        Bonnik

                                        iii.                        Langley School

                                        iv.                        Kengen. Application when they move into area.  (Evans)

                                          v.                        David & Judy Williams (America) Residents on Green Park

6.     Prioritising of needs.

a.           STAFFING.  2011.   At present we have 8 TSC (govt) (shortfall of 2 therefore 2 TAS assisted teachers and 1 extra TAS teacher to help reduce the teaching load.                    Allocation of teachers for 2011 with 2 streams should be 12 TSC (govt.) teachers.

                                                              i.      Solomon would be paid a minimal salary by BOG.  Hopefully the local trust would “top up” his salary to his present amount. 18,000/- per month

                                                            ii.      The Govt should appoint 4 new teachers

·         Robina would apply for a Govt post in January (She has the right subjects to qualify).

·         Patricia  (IT) would be replaced by a Govt. teacher.

·         This leaves 2 more teachers to be appointed by the Govt.

                                                          iii.      This is the theory ! If there is a shortfall the BOG would try to fund some of these positions,  hopefully the local trust would be able to “top up”  1 or 2 more salaries.                    If the Govt did eventually produce teachers, any funding raised for this would be “vired “ to another project.

b.      Laboratory Furniture

                                                              i.      A compromise had been decided on. until  more money became available   Cost including shelving for stock room Ksh 300.000/- 

c.       Classrooms.

                                                              i.      No 1  classroom now funded by TAS and parents.

                                                            ii.      No 2 classroom CDF? Extra funding by parents, this will be greater due to 2 stream intake

                                                          iii.      No 3 classroom ?

                                                          iv.      No 4 classroom ?

                                                            v.      The cost of the classrooms have now increased significantly, from Ksh ½ m to

    Ksh 3/4m. tenders have gone out for a cheaper contractor.

  1. Proposals for funding for outstanding needs to be written by Janet

  1. Dormitories.  Charles pointed out that statistically boarders achieved better results than day students.  Therefore dormitories required.

  1. Bursaries for university students.

a.                   There are bursaries available from many sources.  It might be appropriate to apply to Kariandusi Trust

    1. Kengen sponsor students for university with A and B grades (next year we will have these results)

  1. Work Experience
    1. Six students have applied for work experience at the Hotel

  1. Newsletter
    1. Janet said that a monthly newsletter with articles from staff and students could be compiled by Patricia (IT) and this would help in the funding process. Donors would have more of an idea of what they are being asked to sponsor.  Langley especially would be interested.  It was explained that it would cost nothing as it would be an attachment on e mail.

Evans and Solomon asked for their thanks to go on record to the Trust for African Schools and Gill for their generous funding in the past 4 years.

The meeting was closed with tea and mandazis provided the chef.  Thank you.