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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




KPST  Trustees present:

John Mulaki (ex-SMC chairman) JM

Stephen Kasovo (Head Teacher) HT

Peninah Muthengi (Chairlady) PM

In attendance:

Jacob Syengo (teacher representative) JS

Gill Marshall Andrews (TAS trustee) GMA

Lissa Campbell (TAS trustee) LC

Stephen Kameti (TAS facilitator) SK

Benjamin Katuku (new SMC chairman) BK

Apologies: Sanjmi Kent-SaK, Christopher Nzili-CN, and Patrick Mukora-PM


The meeting opened with a prayer at 11am.  Welcome, introductions and apologies for late arrival from those travelling from Nairobi.

PM read the minutes from the previous meeting.  They were proposed by Stephen Kasovo and seconded by Jacob Syengo.

Matters Arising:

NURSERY FOR SHAMBA: the seedlings were not as good as had been expected.  A fence had been erected but there was a need for shelter due to the sun and lack of rain.  ACTION: JS to erect shelter.

ENROLMENT: 350 children are now enrolled.  At the start of term on 5 Jan 310 children, 5 TSC teachers and 4 TAS teachers were in school.  Since then 40 more children have joined and more are still coming because parents no longer have to pay levies.  Each child must bring 3L of water a day and firewood when it is needed. 

EXAM FEES: As the money from TAS had not come through in time, the parents paid 30/- each but this will now be reimbursed. ACTION: SK, SaK and JM to release and pay funds.

FOOD: The School Feeding Program, SFP, are not currently providing food as they only release funds in times of drought and when they feel a school qualifies for it. Some of the emergency food TAS provided remains and then parents must provide food. GMA said TAS cannot provide food again in the future but can be advocates for the school if needed and apply to the relevant Ministry.

WATER: there is a need for new or repaired guttering. ACTION: SK to approach Global Environmental Fund, World Vision and German Agro Action for assistance and possible borehole. HT to write the story of why they need a borehole - explaining how at peak of drought only around 167 children in school.  HT to give to SK to email to GMA.  SK/GMA to approach KWS.


1.       TAS Teachers started in January and the HT reported they are doing well.  HT wanted to confirm TAS teachers are answerable to HT. GMA confirmed. ACTION: HT to write monthly report and email it to Secretary – if unable to email to bring to next meeting and give to the secretary.

2.       TAS  teachers are still waiting for their January salaries.  Apologies were given for this. ACTION: immediate action to be taken by SaK and CN to set up direct debits.

3.       There are now 59 children in the pre-school (government regulations stipulate no more than 25 in a pre-school class) and the teacher says he cannot meet the needs of the children. ACTION: JS to write the story of how and why the population of the school is increasing and the importance of the pre-school and the need for a new teacher and send to GMA.

4.       One TSC teacher has been transferred.  ACTION: HT to write to AEO requesting another teacher.

FUND-RAISING: SK has lots of KPST leaflets. ACTION: KPST to try and distribute leaflets around Mwingi – e.g. Mwingi Cottage, Bank and to ask for specific sums of money for a defined problem.

EXAM RESULTS: KCPE 2009 – 10 children (8 boys and 2 girls) took the exam. Two boys passed with 277 and 271. One is going to Sekuro and one to Mivukoni.  Three are repeating Standard 8. Others will probably go to technical college.

                Mean 2007: 231

                Mean 2008: 203

                Mean 2009: 178

The HT explained that the mean had gone down this year because 4 children had not been in school for much of the year (1 left for pregnancy, 1 to look for work, 2 for misbehaving). As they had paid for their exam however they returned to sit it.

Current Standard 8 there are 18 children – 9 boys and 5 girls.


The school has started early morning and after class prep.  No plans have been made for the holidays yet. ACTION: HT to discuss with parents and teachers. Proposal must be submitted by next TAS meeting on April 26th if holiday tuition is required.


BK asked as new SMC chairman he should be made a trustee and come to the meetings.  LC confirmed this. ACTION: SaK to bring resolution to next meeting for everyone to sign.

PM said she therefore wished to resign as Chairlady and trustee as she and BK could not work together.   ACTION: All local trustees to sit together and try and resolve issues and SK to facilitate mediation.


Classroom renovation – 2 quotes received to date. Best one for 998,600/-. One more quote requested and formal proposal to be completed.

Proposal to be completed for a second pre-school teacher. ACTION: KPST


ACTION: HT to produce a report for next meeting on why so many girls drop out as they get older and any suggestions on how to retain them: e.g. motivational speakers, exposure trips to other girls’ schools.


SK : a strategy planning workshop for all TAS schools may take place in April and would keep members updated on this.

JS : asked for advice on what seedlings to grow. ACTION: LC to talk to RAE Charitable Trust.

PM : some teachers had worked for the school but have not been paid by some of the parents as promised and so requested TAS pay them. LC said this was not possible as responsibility of school.  ACTION: HT suggested reporting parents to the Chief.

GMA :  stressed that KPST must forward plan.  TAS cannot provide retrospective funding or ad hoc funding.  TAS trustees meet every 2 months and only discuss proposals then. TAS is not there to solve all of the school’s problems.

Date of Next Meeting:  To be held in May in Mivukoni.  ACTION: SaK to liaise with Secretary of Mivukoni over date and inform trustees.