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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Minutes of the MSST Meeting

04.02.10,  Nairobi

Trustees:            Peter Nganga                        PN   

Abas Kunyo                           AK

Halima.J.Kofa                        HJK

                             Rosaniah Gwiyo                    RG

                             Anthony.F.Gross                             AFG

                             Sarah Cooper                        SC

In attendance:   Stephen Kameti                    SK

                            Musa Gushago                      MG

                            Abinther Otiende Lugadiru    AOL

                            Gill Marshall Andrews           GMA

                            Lissa Campbell                      LC

                           Kimanzi Musya                        KM   


The meeting opened with a prayer by SK.

1.   Matters Arising

i.             Work experience - AOL and RG explained that many employers in Garissa were not familiar with the concept of school leavers doing work experience. They had contacted CARE but were told to try later in the year.          

AFG is willing to take on one school leaver but it was generally felt that it would be better to find a pupil who was based in Nairobi.

GMA asked whether the school was aware of what their school leavers were doing once they had left school. PN explained that it was extremely difficult to trace pupils, and that there were no current records. LC asked how many students went on to university. In 2008 there were 2 students, in 2009 just 1 student.

ii.            ISSB machine – PN explained that he had contacted the owner of another ISSB machine in Garissa who is now successfully producing good bricks and has made several structures including a perimeter wall for another missionary school. However he told PN that it had taken quite a while to perfect the process.                                      

GMA explained that TAS were extremely keen to see the brick machine being used successfully and that further funding in this area may  depend on the progress made by Madogo Secondary School.

(KM arrives at the meeting)       

A long discussion regarding the use and effectiveness of ISSB bricks ensued. KM assured the meeting that he would use the machine and incorporate the bricks into the building of a science laboratory.

GMA explained that TAS had now approved the building of a science laboratory on condition that ISSB bricks were used. She suggested that the building of the laboratory be documented. Pupils themselves could use this as a case study. SC planned to meet KM the following week in order to finalise and sign contracts and to pay the initial 50% of the total costs. KM agreed to start work within a fortnight of the meeting.

(KM left the meeting)

iii.           Extra Tuition - AOL had revised the proposal for extra tuition deciding to focus on the more able students. This included extra lessons for 45 pupils, with 12 teachers involved. GMA asked how many girls would be likely to attend. PN explained that 1/3 of the pupils at school are girls, in line with government policy. GMA stressed that TAS were keen to see girls participating in extra tuition classes. AOL to send all details to SC who will then write proposal for TAS.

GMA asked how many students were likely to get to university this year. PN explained that they were waiting for the results to come through. AFG suggested that the school needs to show why extra tuition would be successful – TAS needs evidence. PN assured the meeting that the overall performance would definitely improve with extra tuition, and that he can already see the benefits of the input from TAS. He feels that there has been a shift in attitude, and that the Form IV pupils are keen to perform well.

GMA explained that TAS requires evidence that any funding is improving standards within the school, and requested an evaluation from the DEO. AK agreed to provide evidence.

PN explained that when he receives the results the school does its own analysis, which should be able to show whether the performance has improved or not. He explained that in 2008 Madogo’s mean average dropped from 5.3 to 3.36 due to persistent strikes. PN agreed to send analysis of last 3 years to GMA.

iv.          DfID Completion Report – SC confirmed that she had sent the relevant completion report to Caroline Croll at Waldegrave Secondary School.

v.           Strategic Planning – SK stressed the importance of strategic planning, and was concerned that the matter had been discussed at the last two meetings but nothing had yet happened.AFG explained that Kate Hargreaves was willing to organise the meeting, and that Kenya Wildlife Service were very keen to be partners with TAS.

GMA asked who would be required to attend the meeting. SK suggested that the Chairperson, Secretary and Head Teacher from each trust would attend. SK suggested that the meeting should be held in Meru, sometime in April or May.The content and timing was to be discussed further with Kate Hargreaves at the Asako Primary School Trust meeting later in the day.

2.   Arsenal Coaching

GMA had brought out some tracksuits from Arsenal. She explained that it was important that they were used well and shared equitably. GMA would hand them over to SK who would distribute them.

Arsenal have committed to sending two gap year coaches to a project in Gilgil. They coaches would be housed at Greensteads School but would be working with government schools.

Arsenal were concerned that Madogo did not have a structured environment to accommodate the coaches. GMA stressed that Madogo needed to demonstrate that they would be safe and well looked after. PN suggested that they could stay at the Catholic Guest House in Garissa. AOL suggested that Mr.Ibrahim Hassan, the school’s games master would be able to supervise their activities.

GMA asked PN to forward a timetable of supervision that can be forwarded to Arsenal.

3.   Perimeter Fence


PN apologised to the meeting that he had failed to contact the U.S marines who had been building the perimeter fence for another school in Garissa. He would endeavour to contact them before the next meeting.

4.   Waldegrave School Partnership

This item was covered at the end of the meeting with PN, AOL, RG, GMA and SC in attendance.

Caroline Croll had emailed important forms from DfID which were signed and the 3 year action plan was discussed. It was agreed that the two teachers to visit Waldegrave next should be Peter Nganga (Headteacher) and Bakari Watto (Geography teacher). It was proposed that the potential visit could take place December 4th-16th 2010. PN, RG and AOL also informed GMA and SC of the names of those who were on the Partnership Coordinating Committee.  

SC would communicate this information with Caroline Croll at Waldegrave, and GMA would return to the UK with the signed declaration from Peter N’ganga.

5.   Solar Energy

AOL provided information on number of lighting points and electrical sockets in the school compound. AFG suggested that a more detailed plan of the school should be provided, including a site plan to scale; number of lights per legend; and number of sockets per legend. AOL agreed to email this information to AFG.

GMA explained that any project that would provide solar energy was capital intensive, so it was necessary to provide a strong argument. It was possible to provide solar panels which would just run computers. However, it was important to balance the cost of such a project against other needs that the school may have.

PN stressed that the reason the idea of solar energy was initially floated was in order to be able to communicate freely with Waldegrave School. PN to find out how much solar panels cost before next meeting.

6.   Gender Issues

GMA explained that TAS is extremely keen to focus on girls’ performance. PN explained that education for the girl child is not a priority for the majority of families, and parents do not see the value of educating their daughters. He believed that attitudes were starting to shift, however enrolment is still low.

AK suggested that the problems started at primary school level and that in the higher classes there were fewer girls. He explained that the government is starting to embrace the need to educate girls and more supportive of those who do well at school.

PN told the meeting that Madogo enrols 131 students into Form 1, of which 86 are boys and 45 are girls. He explained that he had to choose girls who had lower scores in order to maintain the number of girls in school.

GMA asked whether there was anything that can done to encourage and support learning for girls. SK suggested that there be more sponsorship for bright young girls. PN to consider what could be done in order to encourage more girls to attend secondary school.

7.   Any Other Business

i.             AOL asked whether TAS had considered the proposal for additional classroom furniture. GMA explained that this was pending, as was the proposal for games equipment.

ii.            PN thanked everyone for attending the meeting and assured TAS that Madogo was looking forward to future work and projects with them.

iii.           LC asked whether SK could report more thoroughly to individual secretaries as he was the link person between the schools and the secretary, who was usually based in Nairobi and unable to visit the site frequently. SK agreed to send more detailed reports from each school.

Action Points

·        SC to meet KM to finalise contract for building of science laboratory

·        AOL to send revised proposal for extra tuition to SC who would forward to TAS

·        AK to provide evaluation of Madogo to GMA

·        PN to send analysis of last three years to GMA

·        PN to forward timetable of supervision for potential Arsenal gap year coaches to GMA

·        AOL to send site plan re solar energy to AFG

·        PN to find out how much solar panels cost

·        PN to consider what more can be done to support and encourage girls’ education

·        SK to send more detailed reports of each school to relevant trust secretaries

Next Meeting to be held in Asako in May – date to be confirmed