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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Date 24/01/2010

Place: Kimphe Langano Elementary school

Meeting start at 10:30 am

Language used for meeting;  Afan Oromo- Local language spoken in the community


  • Ato Tariku Gebre(KLASHG secretary)
  • Ato Ukula Nure(school director)
  • Ato Abu Kawo( kebele Chairperson and KLASHG member)
  • Ato Yohannes Nigussie( KLASHG executive committee chairman and Ethiopia Adventist College president)
  • Ato Gebre Bashenu(KLASHG member and community people mobilizer)
  • Ato Kedir Latamo(KLASHG chair person and school Parent Teacher Association chairperson)
  • Lelise Totoba (female teacher and KLASHG member)
  • Ato Butta Edamo( KLASHG member).

Apology:  Ato Yohannes Assefa.

Tariku Gebre well come the members and chaired  the meeting.

Points Arising.

Contractor selected.

The committee has selected Adane Tesema General Contractor.

The reasons for the committee to select this contractor are :-

  • The contractor has presented attractive cost
  • The contractor has presented detail break down of the each costs
  • The capital of the contractor is better than others( i.e. 600,000ETB)

Time table for the fund to be transferred and completion date

The committee has decided the find to be transferred with in coming week so that construction will be transferred next week so that it will be completed before rainy season come.

The committee has also decided to pay the contractor 30% first, 30% in middle of construction and 40% at the end of construction.

The completion date will be at the end of May, 2010. The committee has decided the construction to be started in the beginning of month of February, 2010.

The committee has decided to mobilize the community people and fix the bridge and road so that the Truck will transport construction material to school.

Finally the committee has decided Tariku to follow weekly activity of the construction and report to TAS every development of the construction every week from the week on which construction will begin.

The chairman of the Kebele has promised to mobilize the community to help the contractor in watering cements/bricks, digging the base of the block for three days.

Finally, the chairperson of the parent Teacher Association has conveyed his best regards and hearty felt greetings to TAS for all the good things they have been doing to help the School of Kimphe Elementary School.

Since there are no other urgent points of discussion, the meeting ends at 12:15 pm.

Tariku Gebre

KImphe  Langano Area Self-Help Group , Secretary,



            P.O.BOX 1267,Shashemene,  ETHIOPIA

             Tell +251-911363397