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Kora Secondary gets its library
Kora Secondary School is expanding fast and badly needed a library.  ....(read more)

Mama Leyla donate 40 solar study lights to TAS schools
Mama Leyla, a charity in Kenya that employs vulnerable women to assemble ....(read more)

Kora Secondary School gets laptops and a printer
Kora Secondary School has received 2 laptops and a printer for curriculum ....(read more)

Minutes from Trustees Meeting




  1. Those present Evans, Solomon, DM, Jan S. Charles. Apologies from Lily who is unwell Apologies from Val, busy doctoring donkeys and dogs.
  2. Minutes already read were approved by Evans and seconded by DM
  3. Matters arising (not on agenda)
    1. Had not made an application for Modems
    2. Measures for success, not done but prompted
  4. 2010 Cohort.
    1. New proposal was approved and signed by the trustees.( Already sent to TAS).
    2. Basically each proposed student would contribute  a certain percentage of their fees. Depending on the number of boarding and Day students (results and applications not yet known) it would be around Ksh 60,0000.00 for the 4 years
  5. Laboratory Construction. 
    1. Govt. inspectors had been to assess the building and use of the grant.  Were satisfied it has been used correctly.
    2. The ring beam was on.  Expected date of completion 2 months.
    3. David asked to be present when the gas and electricity fixtures were going to be installed.
    4. They had used up ½ million shillings  from the Govt.  Janet said that there was Ksh 1,450,00 in the trust account for the lab and would need invoices from the contractors and then she would send cheques.
  6. Sourcing for classrooms for 2 streams.
    1. This is a Govt. directive. They do not fund infrastructure, only teachers.  It is not yet known whetegher this will be compulsory or whether they will just direct the school to do options, which still means more classrooms are needed. Which ever directive, the school will need 3 more classrooms costing ½ million each by the start of 2011.
    2. Action taken by school board every parent will pay Ksh 2,000.00
    3. This will give nearly enough money for one classroom.  Evans will apply to CDF for another ½ million but this will not happen soon, their budget is mid year

He asked if he could put a proposal into TAS for the 3rd. one.  DM and JS thought this was good idea especially as the school parents were making such a massive contribution.

  1. Global partnership. 
    1. We talked extensively to the 2 teachers. They certainly had a useful experience.
  2. Playing fields.  Kengen have been contacted several times and they say things are slow.  (however we saw a tem of kengen workers surveying the road as we returned and they said the power station was going ahead and that they had 4 wells already.)
  3. The netball pitch for Alysia (gap year student would be available immediately)
  4. Work experience. 
    1. It was thought wise to wait for results before applying at present there were 5 applicants.  (I think the hotel will take 4)
  5. Solomon in-service training. 
    1. He has requested that he VIRE his book money to a lap top computer as he can down load info at University (congrats to him for his excellent results) See note below.


  1. AOB
  • Janet said that Ksh 100,000.00 had been paid into the account . A Shareholder on the golf course who reads my news letter, wanted make a contribution
  • Paul, Janet’s brother also has donated Ksh 20,000.00 for the purchase of moths and science textbooks.
  • They were thanked profusely.