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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




Date 07/12/2009

Place: Kimphe Langano Elementary school

Meeting start at 9:30

Language used for meeting; translation Afan Oromo- Local language spoken in the community


  • Ato Yohannes Nigussie( KLASHG executive committee chairman and Ethiopia Adventist College president)
  • Ato Gebre Bashenu(KLASHG member and community people mobilizer)
  • Ato Kedir Latamo(KLASHG chair person and school Parent Teacher Association chairperson)
  • Ato Ukula Nure(school director)
  • Ato Tariku Gebre(KLASHG secretary)
  • Lelise Totoba (female teacher and KLASHG member)
  • Ato Butta Edamo( KLASHG member).

Apology:  Ato Yohannes Assefa.

Tariku Gebre well come the members and chaired  the meeting.

Points Arising.

First and second year bursaries.

The committee has raised and discussed the issue of rain last year of rainy season and have agreed that there is no food for bursaries and decided the bursaries to be supported. As a result has approved the proposal and secretary and Chair person has singed the proposal.

The committee has decided the student to be helped by their parents nearly half of the cost and the other by TAS.

Transportation problem

It is found that there is no public ride to reach school to have meeting on regular base to discus problem with in the school and to monitor the teachers and activities being done in the school by TAS. And it is found that renting Van is expensive since it is about 1,000ETB per day.

So, the committee has decided to prepare the proposal and apply to TAS.

Four Class room / one block construction.

The committee has listened for report form selected group who was assigned to see the new technology of building the school with bricks.

The selected committee has reported that the school must be built as planned before not with Bricks.

So, the members has decided to look for local contractor who has license and can build 4 class rooms with the fund available 30,000 Pound starling and has decided to start building with in coming two months.

They have assigned Ukula Nure(school director) Kedir Latamo KLASHG chair person, Gebre Bashenu- KLASHG member, Tariku Gebre- KLASHG Secretary to communicate with the local  contractor and have bills of quantity from him or her.

Teachers Evaluation (teachers Hired by TAS)

Ukula Nure, school Director has proposed that teachers hired by TAS must be evaluated. To do so, Evaluation format must be prepared by Tariku-the secretary. The evaluation must include students also.

The committee has agreed on the issue and Tariku has taken responsibility of preparing evaluation format and evaluate the performance of each teacher and report to TAS their efficiencies.

The meeting ends at 11:45pm.

Prepared by Tariku Gebre


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