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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Gill Marshall – Andrews (GMA)                                               David Morgan (DM)

Kate Fjastad (KF)                                                                   Gregory Wabuge (GW)

Joseph Wainaina (JW)                                                           Alice Wangari (AW)

Susan Karera (SK)


Timothy Kagambi (TK)                                                           Reuben Kiritu (RK)

Cherry Ritchie                                                                         Roselyn Wootton

The meeting was called to order at 1610HRS and started by introductions.

All informed that the General Manager was away and the HRM’s apologies passed.

Minute 1.0     Role of Management group

1.1       Gill asked who were in the Management team and also the role of the team in the school. GW

1.2       She also wanted to know now that school had opened, who ensured that - school started on time, Teachers preparedness and enrolment or admissions were on time (GW)

1.3       14 pupils and 29 small children reported with 11 expected to enroll (AW)

1.4       Somebody needs to be in charge of enrolments (RK)

1.5       Management to provide basics – books, pencils etc

1.6       Request to avoid using very old things in a new building – come up with a list of all the things needed (AW)

1.7       The Trust will support the running of the school including adult classes, computers, family education etc (GMA)

1.8       Alice to put all records well in files

1.9       GRVL and World Bank donated some text books.  Some books donated from the UK are in PR’s container – to be followed up (KF)

2.0       Play ground fencing

2.1.0    Fencing very important and should be done urgently as there is money – Kshs. 476,198.000/- in the account.  GMA concerned that she has been away for 5 months and found nothing has been done yet.  JW to get quotations for different kind of fences e.g. chain link (JW)

2.1.1    Fencing important because of Buffalos.  The funds above to be used to fence only the classes and play area – Trust needs some tenders (JW)

2.1.2    Grass and trees to be planted on the play area and a few make shift shades built in the meantime (JW)

2.1.3    JW has quotations for swings and equipments for playground of a cost of about Kshs. 100,000/-(JW)

2.1.4    Play area should be big enough maybe 50 x 25(JW)

2.1.5    The fence should have a preferably lockable gate (JW)

2.1.5    A report and the above proposals should be presented in the next Board meeting. (GW)

2.2       Board meetings

2.2.1    It was suggested that the school should be part of the Board meeting agenda and should be treated like any other department e.g. F&B etc. Gregory to liaise with Alice on reports, progress and needs and present to the Board (AW/GW)

2.2.2    It was suggested that the committee meets immediately after the Board meeting – date to be communicated later and minutes to be circulated via email (GW/SK)

            2.3       Holidays

2.3.1    The school doubling also as a day care, it was felt that it should operate through out the year and not close during holidays  (AW)

            2.4       Building and maintenance

2.4.1    Wash rooms – plan to build drainage outside– repair work in progress (JW)

2.4.2    No tap water in toilets and no provision of toilet paper questioned what the children do after using the toilet.

            -           Tissue holders that control flow should be fixed to avoid wastage

-           A tap should also be put in the classes as had been agree (JW)

2.4.3    Suggestion to put some gutters and tanks to harvest water which would also be a good example.  Pass proposal to Management (JW)

 2.4.4   Fit blank tops on power sockets close to the floor (JW)

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1715HRS.