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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Peter musembi Muthui –PMM; Teacher representative Martha Muthengi – MM ; Principal Usueni Girls Charles Kithuka-CK ; Representing TAS C/ Person ( chairing)



DATE; 16th  SEPTEMBER 2009



Members present

Peter musembi Muthui –PMM;  Teacher representative

Martha Muthengi – MM ; Principal Usueni Girls

Charles Kithuka-CK ; Representing TAS C/ Person ( chairing)

Absent with apology

Kyambi kavali –KK ; Chair; Usueni Trust

Hellen Ndeti – HD ;Trust  Secretary

Musyoka mutia - member

Present in attendance

Gill Marshallandrews( TAS)  –GM

Stephen Kameti (TAS) - SK ( taking minutes o/b HD)


1.                  Welcome remarks by GM/ SK

2.                  Reading  of the last meeting minutes- Secretary

3.                  Matters arising from the minutes- plenary

4.                  Project implementation progress report- Secretary/H/    Teacher or Principal

5.                  Funding proposals – chairperson/ Secretary                 

6.                  Visioning/strategic planning exercise- SK/ G M

7.                  Any other business- Chairperson

8.                  Actions/Way forward - Chairperson

9.                  Date of the next meeting – plenary


This was the first meeting after inauguration of the trust and despite the apology of three members who were on an official trips (they had communicated earlier their predicament), the members present participated actively and with eagerness. The meeting took place at Kalumu primary school, a neighbor primary school trust. It was the first meeting for Gill with the Trust members. So it was a real interaction.

Start; the meeting started at 9:25 am with a word of prayer.

1.0Opening remarks by GM

1.1 Funding process: Through her opening remarks Gill (TAS trustee; UK ) took the members through the process of TAS proposal development and funding. The process; The SMC or BOG.  In consultation with local  community develop the school needs. The needs are then forwarded to the Trust team. The trust considers the proposal according to priority and then sends the priority need proposal to TAS UK for funding consideration. Once the UK TAS team considers the school need, it sends funds to the local school Trust account. It is upon the Local trust to oversee the implementation of the project and fill the completion form. GM maintained that no proposal will be funded unless the above due process is adhered to because this is a unique model of TAS and its cardinal to cherish it.

1.2 Budget spending alteration: GM stressed any change of budget line spending must be put into writing by the local Trust secretary seeking approval by TAS UK for the same desired changes.

2.0 and 3.0 Last meeting minutes reading and matters arising;

SK took the members through the summarized action points of the last Trustee meeting minutes as follows:-

-         Bank account opening; already opened and 67,925 Kenya shillings in the account. Cheque book has been given to the  trust.

-         Book proposal; the proposal was forwarded TAS and already funded to the tune of 60,000 Kenya shillings.

-         Supply of trust deed copies to all members; delayed due to opening of bank account. Trust advocate to supply the copies by end of September,09.

-         Addition of extra teacher to the trust; done; Mr Peter Musembi Muthengi

-         Date of next meeting; changed from 13th  to 16th  sept.09  to synchronize with Gill’s calendar of meetings in Kenya .  

4.0 Project implementation;

The school principal informed the members that the books have already been supplied to the school of amount 59,960 Kenya shillings ( supplier; Ngowan book point) and presented invoice to the members demanding payment of the supplied goods. Members agreed the supplier be paid and a cheque was done with one signatory, awaiting secretary’s signature who was not around.The principal informed the members that World Vision has met the remaining portion of books need aand therefore no need of further funding on books by TAS after the current one of 60,000 Kenya Shillings. 

5.0 Proposals for funding;

Members lengthily discussed various proposal for funding request and most of them required heavy funding or were not all priority according to current school status. Finally members agreed to forward TAS proposal requesting for three extra teachers. The three teachers to be contracted for two years at a salary of  10,000 Kenya shillings per month each.The school to meet 2,000Kenya Shillings per each teacher as part of their Local Contrbution(LC). By supporting these teachers,school will have all the subject tought and its expected school performance will improve.

6.0 School visioning; GM

Gill elaboratively explained to the members the importance of school strategic planning which in essence is SWOT[5] analysis process. It was left to Kate( Trust secretary Asako primary trust ) and SK to finalize with the process and secure its implementation.

7.0 Any Other Business

-Global partnership; GM announced the possibility of exchange program between Kenya and UK schools if our local schools are willing. The members expressed their strong willingness and requested GM to pursue actualization of the idea.

-Members expressed their predicament in communication due to lack of communication signals. It was agreed that follow-up be made with local networks especially safari COM in order to assist the schools possibly access internet as a way of improving communication.

-Fetching water by the student from near by river (2.5 km away) is too far for the student and also dangerous due to crocodile at the river. The school Principal informed members that Arid Lands program has started a process of developing a system of availing the water to the school but so far does not know the progress. SK was tasked to make the follow-up.

8.0 Action points Item

Action personOut put

Communication signal follow -upSKameti-SKImproved comm.. network

Water issue from Tana river to the school through Arid LandsSKameti-SKAvailability of water at school compound

Cheque signing by secretarySKameti -SKCheque signed to pay books supplied to the school.

Production of final school leafletsGill -GMSchool leaflets produced

Proposal forwarding for the three teachers requestHellen Ndeti-HDProposal forwarded to TAS for consideration by end of day 22/9/09.

Exchange programGill-GMExperience sharing between UK and Kenyan schools ( learning).

9.0 Next meeting;  possibly January, 2010. The exact date could not be set due to secretary absence.

End of meeting; the meeting ended at 11:20 am.