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Accountability Process


The aims are:

  1. to facilitate the School Trusts to prepare their proposals
  2. to have a simple system with minimum documentation
  3. to ensure efficient and appropriate use of funds with value for money
  4. to establish accountability for the school trust and for donors

The key document is the Project Proposal Form which will be used throughout the
project from design to completion.

This will be completed by the local School Trust.

The Project Proposal Form will enable:

1. School Trusts to Establish Priority Needs

School and community can establish key needs by deciding

  • What are the main problems faced by the school?
  • What are the simple things which could be done to improve children's education?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What is the order of priority?

2. School Boards of Governors to Prepare the Proposal

3. School Trusts to Consider and Agree the Proposal

4. School Trusts to Send Their Approved Proposal to TAS

5. TAS Committee to Consider Proposal

  • Is this a suitable use of the TAS funds?
  • Does each section of the proposal provide sufficient and appropriate information?
  • Are the costs reasonable?
  • Is it likely to be sustainable?

6. TAS to Seek Funds from donors if necessary

7. TAS to Send Agreed Funds

8. School Trust to Implement Proposal

  • The Trust carries out the activities as described in the proposal.
  • The Trust should try and get two or three quotes for each item.
  • It should obtain and keep receipts for each expenditure.

9. Possible TAS Visitors and School Trust to Monitor Implementation

They use the approved proposal and ask:
- Is the proposal being implemented as planned?
- Are there any opportunities or problems?

10. School Trust to Prepare Completion Note

The Completion Note should have the same sections as the Proposal but showing what
actually happened and what the actual costs were.

11. School Trust to Send Agreed Completion Note to TAS

12. TAS to Evaluate with School Trust

The TAS and the School Trust may decide to do an evaluation. This will jointly go through the
Completion Note to examine each section in detail, particularly the impact. It will see if there are any lessons to be learned for the benefit future activities.

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