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Exam Results Overview
2018 Results 

The attached tables show school results over the period 2010-18 for the Primary Schools and Secondary Schools for which TAS has provided support.

Three indicators are shown per school per year; for boys, girls and total:

  • Number of pupils entered for exams
  • Mean score achieved
  • Number of pupils achieving the qualifying score for the next level of education
  • Not all data is complete, comments are made on the available data

Primary Results for 2018 (Download)

  • Numbers of exam entries have been fairly level for comparable totals since 2016. Eburru and Jarajara showed significant increases in 2018 but Boka and Asako showed significant reductions, particularly in girls entries.
  • Mean scores have typically shown increases, with only Eburru and Jarajara showing decreases, perhaps as a result of increased entries. Boys typically outperform girls, on average by about 10%.
  • Asako and Kaseluni showed good increases in their numbers of pupils qualifying for secondary entry, reflecting significant improvement in their mean scores. Eburru and Jarajara reflected their lower mean scores in markedly lower numbers achieving qualification.
  • More entries in general seem to lead to lower mean scores and vice versa.   

Secondary Results for 2018 (Download)

  • Results for 2018 are only available to date from Mitamisyi.   Entries were reduced compared with 2016-17 but average scores improved slightly. No pupils achieved qualifying scores for tertiary education, as in previous years.
  • The only other secondary school we currently support is Kora and that does not yet have students taking KCSE.